Small Business Owners "Have a New Health Care Hero"?

The Times often posts highlights from its "Prescriptions" blog in its print version, which usually reflect the clear pro-Obama-care bias of the blog itself. Wednesday's print round-up included "A Smash on Main Street."

The big news? The Main Street Alliance, an obscure liberal business group, has gained the support of an obscure Democratic congressman, Rep. Leonard Boswell of Iowa, in its quest for a government option for health insurance. Boswell is evidently no less than a "health care hero" to "some small-business owners"- liberal ones, though the Times won't tell you that in print.

(The print version of the story by Robb Mandelbaum excerpted below is shorter and substantially different from the online version.)

Some small-business owners have a new health care hero in Des Moines: Representative Leonard L. Boswell, a Blue Dog Democrat who represents a district in central Iowa.

As shown below, the print version left off the online description of the Main Street Alliance as "progressive" (a weasel word used by liberals who have seen polls on the word "liberal").Instead, the Times wastes a dozen words to avoid saying the L-word.

Des Moines members of a national group called the Main Street Alliance are celebrating Mr. Boswell's recent decision to come out in unambiguous support of a government-run ''public option'' for health insurance. The alliance is a network of small-business groups that back a health care overhaul along the lines supported by many Democrats.