'Senegal Urged to Rein In Religious Schools' - But What Religion Are We Talking About?

Adam Nossiter reported from Africa on Friday: "Senegal Urged to Rein In Religious Schools," based on a Human Rights Watch report on the abuse and neglect of children in Senegal, who are forced to beg in the streets, collecting coins for "religious leaders."

But exactly what "religion" are we talking about? Just as the headline evades the issue, Nossiter never mentioned it directly in the article. Is it all "religious schools," or schools of one religion in particular? Surely the identity of the religion is important, for the purposes of proper evaluation and condemnation of the alleged practices. The headline "Senegal Urged to Rein In Islamic Schools" would convey more information, which is what a newspaper is in business to do.

The Times certainly doesn't hide the identity of the church in headlines or stories when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, so why be hesitant about allegations of child abuse and neglect in Islamic institutions?

As is, one has to infer that Nossiter is talking about Islam by his reference to "religious leaders who have promised their parents that they will be given instruction in the Koran," and a single reference to "Islamic authorities" in a quote from the report.

The Times has a politically correct history of bias by omission when it discusses atrocities done in the name of Islam.

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