The Science Is Still Settled, Part II

Tom Zeller Jr., editor of the Times blog Green Inc., joined the rest of the paper in assuring potentially wavering readers the science of global warming is settled, that pesky ClimateGate showing corrupted data being peddled by politicized scientists.

Here's the opening line of his Sunday Week in Review piece "Forecast: Expect Temperatures to Rise in Copenhagen":

With the scientific consensus more or less settled that human activity - the burning of fossil fuels, torching of forests, and so forth - is contributing to a warmer and less hospitable planet, one might reasonably ask, why is it so hard to agree on a plan to curb those activities?

Given the Times' credulous acceptance of the most alarmist findings by now-discredited climate scientists, it's ironic that another article in the Week in Review, a profile of the British science journal "Philosophical Transactions," began with the Anglicized motto of that journal: "Take nobody's word for it."

Except the word of left-wing climatologists, evidently.