Reporter Glad "American Macho" of Bush Era on the Wane

In 2006, reporter Alan Feuer gave a respectable hearing to some 9-11 conspiracy nuts who thought the attack on the World Trade Center was an inside job. Now he's a Metro Reporter who pitches in on the City Room blog, peppering up local event listings with Internet-friendly liberal nuggets like this:

Like many things that now seem out of date - Reaganism, say - Depeche Mode, the British synthpop band, arrived in 1980, a year best left forgotten. Then again, where punishment is concerned, you can always find a glutton, like the Depeche Mode New York Fan Club, which is hosting a bash to celebrate the band's new tour. With all due respect to supporters, the time for "People Are People" has likely long since past.

One of the subheds, "Beware That Left Jab," serves as an appropriate warning for Feuer's cheeky post, which was reprinted in Monday's print edition.

Beware That Left Jab

It's safe to say that with the Bush era behind us, the American Macho - responsible for Blackwater and "Mission Accomplished"- is on the wane. Beyond firehouses and military bases, the one place where it actually still exists is in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, the mixed martial arts league that has replaced the prize fight as America's favorite blood sport. Machismo is a white blood cell: it appears where it is needed. And it surely will be when BJ Penn and Georges St.-Pierre meet in a match to pick the best pound-for-pound fighter in the league.