Prometheus Bush?

Veteran reporter and theatre critic Wilborn Hampton reviewed a revival of the ancient Greek mythological play "Prometheus Bound," showing in Manhattan's East Village, and predictably finds modern-day resonance in the tale of an "autocratic ruler."

"Even for the Greek gods, what goes around comes around. If Zeus has the upper hand in Aeschylus' 'Prometheus Bound,' it is a sure bet that Prometheus, the Olympian rebel who defied authority and saved the human race, will have the last laugh.

"In a smart revival directed by James Kerr for the Aquila Theater Company, enhanced by David Oyelowo's splendid performance as Prometheus, the fifth-century B.C. lessons about the abuse of power by an autocratic ruler who runs roughshod over anyone who disagrees with him are not lost on a 21st-century audience. Just plug in names from today's headlines for any of the characters."

Gee, who could Hampton be referring to?