One Last Biased Glance Backward Before Election Day

Political reporter-turned-food critic-turned political reporter Frank Bruni has the cover story for the Sunday Week in Review, "The Year Of Living On the Edge Of Our Seats," one last, biased, glance backward before Election Day.

Bruni baselessly hailed Obama's "race speech" (delivered only in response to controversy overthe anti-American rantings of his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright) as a high-water mark in American political debate:

In Philadelphia in March, Mr. Obama delivered a set-piece speech that sought to do nothing less than explain centuries of racial enmity and move Americans past it. In New Hampshire in January, Mrs. Clinton welled with tears that became catalysts for a charged examination of the treatment of women in American life.

Can anyone actually quote a memorable linefrom Obama's speech?

Later Bruni forward the media-approved line about mean-spirited Republican rallies.

How will some younger voters react if Mr. McCain prevails? Or some older ones if Mr. Obama does? In recent weeks, the ire and ugly catcalls of some supporters of the McCain-Palin ticket have suggested a division in this election that goes well beyond tax policy or Iraq strategy.

Of course Democrats have notexactly been paragons of civility during their protests, particularlyagainstGov. Sarah Palin(warning: content of link is very offensive) -but good luck learning about such disgusting behaviorfrom the Times.