For Once We Agree

Columnist Paul Krugman was hired by the Times to write about the economy, but gained popularity among lefties by cribbing ideas from the more paranoid ends of the blogosphere and throwing them into his column. But his consistent criticisms of Barack Obama are turning off some true believers,and the prickly Krugman is scrapping back on his blog in the same dismissive terms he usually reserves for conservatives, going as far to term some Obama supporters crazy:

One measure of how crazy people on at least one side of the Democratic nomination struggle have become: I've gotten a number of complaints that the end of my last - entirely non-political - column, "hope is not a plan," was a swipe at Obama.

Um, guys, it's a phrase military types use; I started using it a lot when Iraq went pear-shaped. In fact, if you Google it, the first entry that comes up is a book about the Iraq war.

I'm sorry to say that a large part of the progressive movement seems to have lost its sanity.