NYT Editors: Powerful and Modest

Metro reporter Alan Feuer took a break from nude egg-tossing to cover ameeting of Times editors, decidingwhat stories would make the front page the next morning- "A Snapshot of the World at 4 P.M." Feuer got in a crack about how, in the age of the internet, the front page meeting had a "whiff of obsolescence" to it, but his editors probably liked at least one line:

Events as they appeared on Tuesday, June 30, at roughly 4 p.m.:

In Baghdad, vast parades for the withdrawal of American troops. In Minnesota,Al Frankenwins a disputed senatorial election. In Honduras, crowds denounce the recently ousted president. And in Albany, the business of the government continues to be a joke.

Meanwhile, at the offices of The New York Times, a meeting was taking place. Eighteen editors had gathered at a table to discuss tomorrow's news. The table was formidable: oval and elegant, with curves of gleaming wood. The editors no less so: 11 men and 7 women with the power to decide what was important in the world.

Goodto see that Times editors haven't let their influential positions go to their heads.