NYT Co. Gives to Planned Parenthood Affiliate, Other Left-Wing Groups

When it comes to advancing a liberal agenda, the New York Times not only gives at the office through slanted reporting, but also through the New York Times Company Foundation, according to the Foundation's 2007 annual report, released in May 2008.

Matching the liberal advocacy carried out every day in the pages of the Times, the New York Times Co. handed over a $5,000 grant toan abortion group, Planned Parenthood of New York City, for "educational outreach in schools and the community," the second of two installments.

The company also donated $5,000 to the liberal Committee of Concerned Journalists (sample leftism here) and $7,500 to the left-wing environmental group National Resources Defense Council.

In addition, the Times Co. runs journalistic institutes every year, described as "immersion courses on subjects at the cutting edge of the news." In 2008 the Times co-sponsored one such institute, "Billionaires, and Their Legacy," with the left-wing Century Foundation. The description of the institute, besides giving off a decidedly left-wing vibe, just happened to pick two Republicans as examples of the "activism of super-rich individuals on politics."

This Institute at New York City's Century Foundation will explore the impact of the growing number and activism of super-rich individuals on politics (Mike Bloomberg, Mitt Romney), economics (hedge funds and capital markets, consumer goods, lifestyles, inequality), philanthropy (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner) and social psychology (ambitions, resentments, morale).

Times Watch found similar left-wing slant in giving last year.