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Maureen Dowd Pushes Hillary for President, But in '96 HRC Was 'Riding Roughshod' Over People

Maureen Dowd revved up the Hillary for President bandwagon, while generally mentioning the "darker" side of the former secretary of state. Dowd was more specific back in 1996: "Mrs. Clinton's ...
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NYT's Wald Says Sequester-Related Tower Closings Risk Air Safety, Just like Reagan Did

Times reporter Matthew Wald dug deep to find a parallel to the dangerous sequestration-related budget cuts: "But some pilots said that in its plans to close the towers, the F.A.A. was risking ...
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Which Way Is It, NY Times? Will Social Programs Suffer 'Cutback' or Just 'Smaller Increase'?

The deck of headlines over Friday's lead New York Times story illustrated how hard it will be for conservatives to actually reduce the national debt: "Social Programs Facing A Cutback In ...
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NYT Neuters Obama's Cutie Comments on Kamala Harris, But WashPost Suggests 'White House Boy's Club'

President Obama causes ruffles on a fundraising jaunt in San Francisco when he said that state Attorney General Kamala Harris was "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country." The ...
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Gillis Finds Yet Another Study Proving Global Warming, Ignores How His Previous One Was Discredited

The New York Times' most alarmist environmental reporter Justin Gillis offers still more "proof" of a warming planet: "In Sign of Global Warming, 1,600 Years of Ice in Peru’s Andes Melted in 25 ...
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As Latest Global Warming Scare Report Crumbles, Where's the New York Times' Follow-Up?

Last month, the Times' alarmist environmental reporter Justin Gillis used a new study to confidently proclaim "Global temperatures are warmer than at any time in at least 4,000 years...and over ...
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The NY Times Finds Another Republican for Gay Marriage...Ronald Reagan?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg trumpets the latest Republican to back gay marriage: "As Republican politicians wrestle with same-sex marriage, the daughter of a party icon -- former President Ronald Reagan ...
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NYT Spreads Obama's Bad '40 Percent' Figure on Background Checks for Gun Buys

Michael Shear: "But no background check is required for about 40 percent of gun purchases, including those made online or at gun shows, federal officials estimate." Wrong, says the Washington ...
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Pro-Democrat Labeling: Fewer Illegal Immigrants, More 'Undocumented' Ones in the NYTimes

A new Times policy means more use of the politically correct term "undocumented," to refer to illegal immigrants, which Times reporter Ashley Parker has admitted is the preferred term of the ...
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NY Times Falsely Hints Racism Played a Role in Atlanta Schools Cheating Scandal

The Times trots out a defense of the indefensible in an Atlanta case of teachers altering government test scores to falsely boost achievement rates of minority students: "Critics said racism was ...
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