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New York Times Attacks 'Odious...Racist' Opponents of Radical Islam, Again

The New York Times has a history of attacking opponents of radical Islam or offensively blaming an unwelcoming Western society for driving some young Muslims to commit terrorist slayings. ...
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As Cuts Loom and Public Shrugs, NY Times Suddenly Spins Other Way on Sequestration

Spinning the sequester in the New York Times. After weeks of cringing in fear over the supposedly damaging federal cuts due to take effect tomorrow (even as the public shrugs them off) Jonathan ...
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New York Times Cheerleads for Gay Rights in 'Deeply Conservative' Idaho

New York Times reporter Kirk Johnson, hypersensitive to conservative retreat in the Western states, used an upcoming Supreme Court case as an excuse to lead more cheers for gay rights in ...
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Really? New York Times Insists 'Austerity Is Already Here'

Writing on the looming sequestration, the Times' Binyamin Appelbaum insisted that an $85 billion reduction in the growth of federal spending this year was actually "austerity," and the Times ...
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A Vast NY Times Mag Cover Story on the Evils of Addictive Junk Food

A columnist mocks the Times nearly 10,000-word magazine cover story on the evils of addictive junk food: " are supposed to be absolutely horrified by this. You can tell by the ominous ...
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NY Times Goes Nationwide in Quest for Sequestration Horror Stories: 'Less Beef Jerky'

"The owner of a Missouri smokehouse that makes beef jerky is worried about a slowdown in food safety inspections. A Montana school district is drawing up a list of teachers who could face ...
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NY Times Helps Hagel Across the Finish Line: 'Incendiary,' Uncollegial Opponents 'Have Not Found Much'

Reporter Jeremy Peters says there's nothing to see here: "Independent political groups have mobilized to try to dig up anything unflattering on Mr. Hagel. Though they have not found much, the ...
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NY Times Misses the Point on Michelle Obama's Intrusive, Politicized 'Star Turn' on Oscar Night

New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer missed the point in her take on Michelle Obama's "star turn" on Oscar night: "...the question of whether it was proper or dignified or awesome for ...
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NYTimes Reporter: US Should Back Up Pride in 'Family Values,' Require Paid Family Leave

No, not Papua New Guinea! Personal finance reporter Tara Siegel Bernard: "It is no secret that when it comes to paid parental leave, the United States is among the least generous in the world, ...
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New York Times Again Sees a Looming 'Era of Government Austerity' in a $3,500 Billion Budget

The New York Times glimpses the cold hand of "austerity" in a $3,500-billion dollar federal budget? "Cuts of even larger size are scheduled to take effect every year over the next 10, signaling an ...
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