Nancy Pelosi's Jab at Obama that 'No One Missed' - Except for Times Readers

In John Harwood's Monday "Caucus" column, he claimed that "nobody missed" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's jab at Barack Obama.

While reacting to a reporters' question January 5 about the Democrats refusing to allow C-SPAN to cover health-care negotiations despite Obama's campaign promises to make the process transparent, Pelosi replied, "There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail."

Harwood referenced the exchange without actually quoting Pelosi:

No one missed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent jab at Mr. Obama when she pointed out campaign stances that he has since set aside. More surprising is that there has been so little grousing.

Actually, some did miss the interesting left-on-left spat - readers of the New York Times.

Harwood's mention marks the first time the Pelosi quote has been referenced in the print edition of the Times, which still has yet to spell out Pelosi's actual jab. The only reference to Pelosi's dig I could dig up was in a January 6 "Caucus" post by Ashley Southall directing readers to a Politico post about Pelosi's "rhetorical elbow."