Nancy Giles: 'I Could Punch Every Blue Dog Democrat in the Nose'

We know how the media relished the fall of the GOP, and lovingly analyzed divisions within the party. But their beloved Democrats are falling apart before their eyes, and the strain is beginning to tell. The Blue Dog Democrats are for being the only thing between this nation and socialized medicine, a fact that has some liberals coming out swinging – literally, in at least one case.

“Social commentator” Nancy Giles appeared on the “Today Show” July 28 along with Dan Abrams and Willie Geist during Kathy Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb’s segment “News Flash.” The usually all small-talk segment got heated when it turned to health care.

Kotb posed the simple question “Do you guys think health care will pass…?” Abrams and Willie gave simple answers. Giles, however, got passionate.

“It better and I could punch every Blue Dog Democrat in the nose. And I’m a Democrat. I could punch them, I’m so annoyed. And I’m annoyed with Harry Reid. I better not find him in an elevator.” 

Gifford, however, asked “Don’t you think it’s a good idea we read this thing before we pass it and rush something through? I doubt many of them have even read it. And I think we all got in trouble in Iraq because we rushed it. Why can’t we take our time and do it bipartisanly?”

Giles was not having it. Though she nodded her head when Gifford mentioned reading the bill, she protested, “It’s been 60 years!” Apparently Giles wouldn’t mind the rushed, partisan, doomed-to-fail health bill, that the Blue Dogs are trying to avert.

But apparently that’s the whole point, according to Dan Abrams, NBC’s chief legal analyst. Slowing down the process could threaten the bill’s status.  “But this allows the critics to take out particular elements of it and say this is what it’s all about. And they can then highlight it because it’s very hard to understand the totality of it and put it into context.”

Gifford once again gave the obvious answer: “Let’s take the bad stuff out,” rather than try to hide them from the American people. 

“But put in a government option, that’s definitely needed,” Giles preached. Apparently, she doesn’t understand the definition of “bad stuff.”