MRC's Tribute to the Media for 9/11 Coverage

Seven years ago America was attacked. Thousands of innocents were murdered. As a nation we were first stunned, then saddened, and then angered, united as we hadn't been for half a century, committed in a common purpose to fight back and defeat what was now a national enemy. There were many heroes that day. We honored them all then, and today we honor them again.

The mission of the Media Research Center is to document, expose and neutralize liberal media bias. We do so relentlessly. But if our mission is to take to task those who err in their roles as news journalists, we are also honor-bound to recognize their efforts when they excel in their profession. On 9-11-01, and in the days that followed, we saw the American news media at their finest. Several months after this horrific event, during the MRC's Annual Gala in Washington DC, we unveiled a video tribute to these men and women, recognizing their excellence, and thanking them for it.

It is fitting that today, on the seventh anniversary of 9-11, that we release this video again, with our gratitude.