Moral Equivalency Between Israel, Palestinian Terrorists

Business as usual in the Middle East yesterday, as Israel killed four terrorists, while Palestinians killed an Israeli citizen. Yet the headline to the Tuesday story by Taghreed El-Kohdary and Steven Erlanger treated the incidents as if they were morally equivalent acts - "Israel and Palestinian Militants Carry Out Deadly Attacks."

"The Israeli Air Force continued its strikes in Gaza on Monday, killing four members of Islamic Jihad who the Israeli Army said were preparing to launch rockets against Israel, and one member of Hamas at what it said was a bomb-making factory.

"On Monday night, an Israeli woman was killed when a Qassam rocket launched from Gaza hit a car in the Israeli town of Sderot. Two men were wounded, one moderately and one slightly. The woman, who was standing next to the car, died in a hospital. She was the ninth Israeli to die from Palestinian rocket attacks in the past seven years and the first since November; her name was not immediately released."