Laura Ingraham Points the Finger (Literally) at NYT's "Entrenched Elite"

Reporter Katharine Seelye attended a pro-lifeconclave at the Republican Convention hosted by Phyllis Schlaflyand got more than she bargained for from meeting guest and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, judging from Seelye's Tuesday evening post, "Talk Radio Host Slams Media, Palin Critics."

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, Senator John McCain's running mate, didn't make it to a rally here being held by Phyllis Schlafly, the doyenne of the conservative movement and a long-time opponent of abortion rights....Mrs. Schlafly then introduced a "surprise" guest, Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio talk-show host, who launched a blistering attack against the "elite" media and others who, she said, were unfairly attacking Ms. Palin.

Ms. Ingraham gave a spirited defense of Ms. Palin and delivered the red meat that the audience of roughly 250 or 300 people here in a hotel ballroom seemed to crave. She said that the "entrenched elite" - and here she pointed to The New York Times and what she said was three stories (there was two) on today's front page about Ms. Palin - opposed the governor "because of one issue - life." There was big applause here.