Instant Karma's Gonna Get You...

As a believer in instant karma, Times Watch is hesitant to chide the Times over grammar and misspellings, secure in the knowledge that my critical post would itself contain a grammar problem or a misspelling. But this particular Times goof has a layer of irony that makes it too good to leave alone.

Alex Williams profiled nine gossip bloggers for the front of Thursday's Styles section, and included both a "notable scoop" and a "memorable gaffe" for each one, including Gawker editor Maureen O'Connor (emphasis added).

MEMORABLE GAFFE: Took Fox News to task over a typo in a chyron (a term for the graphics at the bottom of a TV screen) identifying former the Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth as a "congresswoman." Too bad Ms. O'Connor mispelled the word chyron in the post.

But Williams made quite a "memorable gaffe" himself: As caught by The NYT Picker blog, Williams misspelled the word "misspelled" - it has two S's, not one. (The typo has been corrected online but remains preserved for posterity in the print edition.)