Ignorant Questions to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Converting to Christianity = Rejecting Family Values?

Deborah Solomon's weekly Sunday Magazine Q&A this week featured Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, "The Convert." Solomon's bizarrely one-dimensional understanding of conservative "family values" was put on display in this question to Jindal, an Indian-American conservative and GOP rising star:

Deborah Solomon: If the Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values, what should we make of the fact that you rejected the name your parents gave you, their political affiliation and their religion?

La. Gov. Bobby Jindal: Hinduism teaches there are different paths to God, and that may have played a part in their ultimate acceptance of my decision.

Solomon later asked a question showing some ignorance of John McCain's position on illegal immigrants. He was a strong supporter of amnesty - his campaign suffered for it in the summer of 2007 - and is still far from a hard-liner on the issue. But Solomon baselessly labels McCain a border-closer:

Solomon: I am sure you're aware that Senator McCain wants to close the borders.

Jindal: I think that's a good thing. I don't think it's healthy when you've got as many as 12 million people here illegally. The way that we're doing it now is not truly offering them the American dream.