HuffPo: Humans Deserve to be Squashed By Aliens

The Huffington Post doesn’t shy away from the far reaches of environmental craziness.

This time they’ve published an animated short film from Steve Cutts that they described as “Everything Wrong With Humanity, In One Short Clip.” The video was posted on March 27, but the writer noted that Cutts’ video, actually called “Man,” is from 2012. In the environmental propaganda animation, the entire history of mankind is portrayed as wanton destruction of the environment and every living thing.

Huffington Post writer Isaac Saul said that in the animation, “the many environmentally un-friendly [sic] decisions of man are brought to light – and they are not without their price.”

The video starts with a pristine wilderness, into which falls a dumpy animated man. The man then proceeds to kill and destroy everything he comes across. This culminates in a world full of piles of trash, in which the man sits alone on a throne, smoking – that is, until aliens show up in a flying saucer. The aliens are so disgusted with the man that they stomp on him until he turns into a welcome mat (hey, it could happen), before flying away in their spaceship.

According to Saul, “the environmental problems [the short film] addresses, like wildlife poaching, factory farming and deforestation, remain just as urgent today as they were then.”