Hating the Supreme Court's Gun-Rights Ruling

The Times' editorial board reacted badly to Thursday's 5-4 Supreme Court ruling endorsing a personal right to own a gun in Friday's lead editorial, "Lock and Load."

Thirty-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year - on the job, walking to school, at the shopping mall. The Supreme Court on Thursday all but ensured that even more Americans will die senselessly with its wrongheaded and dangerous ruling striking down key parts of the District of Columbia's gun-control law.

The Times didn't bother noting that slightly more than half of those 30,000 deaths are suicides - most of which would presumably have happened eventually whether or not there was a gun around. Nor did the paper break down how many of those homicides were in self-defense.

This is a decision that will cost innocent lives, cause immeasurable pain and suffering and turn America into a more dangerous country. It will also diminish our standing in the world, sending yet another message that the United States values gun rights over human life....Cities and states have tried to stanch the killing with gun-control laws. The District of Columbia, which has one of the nation's highest crime rates, banned the possession of nearly all handguns and required that other firearms be stored unloaded and disassembled, or bound with a trigger lock.

And just how effective have those gun control laws been in D.C., the murder capital of the United States? The Times is silent on that relevant question. The editorial goes on to twice lament the "far right" court. That would be the same "far right" court that ruled the death penalty for child rapists to be unconstitutional the day before.