Gore: Hasn't 'Ruled Out' Politics, But Only as 'Candidate for President.'

      It was bound to happen eventually – that is former vice president and global warming alarmist Al Gore kicking the door open for another possible run for presidency.


     Gore appeared on CNN International before a live audience and was asked if he would serve in the next administration if he was offered a position. He ruled that out, but announced he hadn’t completely shut the door on his political ambitions, more importantly, he hadn’t ruled out running for president of the United States.

     “You know, I haven't ruled out the idea of getting back into the political process at some point in the future,” Gore said. “Don't expect to, but if I did get back, it would be as a candidate for president, not in any other position.”


     Gore’s statement was followed by applause from the crowd.


     Earlier on December 10, Gore gave an acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, still seemingly bitter in 2000 over his defeat to George W. Bush and with new ideas for regulations to combat what he calls a “planetary emergency.”


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