GMA Questions Appropriateness of 'Skimpy Bikini' PSA Yet Shows Clip Six Times

“Can skimpy bikinis raise awareness about breast cancer?” asked 'Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on September 22nd, introducing a segment with Andrea Canning about a new public service announcement campaign called “Save the Boobs” that uses a “less-is-more approach” to call attention to breast cancer.

Roberts tsked at the “provocative footage,” quoting critics that say the ads are “distracting from the message.” Canning agreed, adding, “One PSA even looks more like a beer commercial than a breast cancer awareness spot.”

But the ladies did protest too much, since as they spoke, clips of that beer commercial-like ad – featuring slow-motion footage of a  girl wearing a skimpy white, string bikini – rolled over and over. GMA showed another spot that zoomed in on women putting their right hand over their left-breast, reciting a pledge that went, “I pledge allegiance to my girls. To my cheechees, to my hooters, to my tatas. And to tell my doctor about any changes I see or feel immediately.”

And, just in case viewers hadn't gotten enough cleavage yet, GMA threw in a girl wearing lingerie for lung cancer awareness. “Shocking PSA's are here to stay, as more and more causes fight to get their message heard loud and clear,” said Canning.

Of course the only PSA “Good Morning America” refused to show was one “designed to scare teens straight about texting and driving,” claiming that it “is so violent that we can't show you the crash.” Apparently only porn, not blood, is appropriate on the sex-obsessed ABC network.