"Global Warming" Bias Even Planted in the House & Home Section

Global warming bias is so "baked in" to the New York Times thatnot even the Thursday House & Home section is free of it. Here's the beginning of Anne Raver's "Must Tulips Wither as the Climate Changes?" Notice it's not"if" but "as the Climate Changes."

"It's finally spring. Or is it? With so many false springs this year, snow may yet fall on the tulips. Or maybe a northeaster, as happened last weekend."

False springs are hardly unusual. But this one can only mean one thing to the Times: Global warming!

Raver revealed midway through the story:

"Just how to garden in these erratic times is the subject of 'Gardening in a Changing Climate,' a three-day symposium at the New York Botanical Garden that is open to the public and begins tomorrow. Three scientists will talk about patterns of global warming and what people can do to ease the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, by taking steps like recycling and using less synthetic fertilizer on their lawns."