Global Warming (80) Proof

Jonathan Miles' biweekly column on specialty drinks unearths yet more proof of global warming - his "hot toddy" arrived cold.

"By proposing to add polar bears to the list of 'threatened' species last month, the Bush administration seemed to finally acknowledge that global warming is taking a toll. With rising sea temperatures shrinking the polar ice cap, 'the polar bears' habitat,' said Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, 'may literally be melting,'' he argues in the Sunday Styles section.

"Closer to home and heart, I'd been worrying about another sort of species that - at least this season - seems terribly vulnerable to climate change: the hot toddy. "

Miles concludes: "'Arctic polar bears are becoming canaries in the mine, warning of the consequences of global warming,' read an editorial in The Boston Globe two weeks ago. Well, here's my own dead canary: So far this winter, my favorite hot drink was cold."