Gail Collins Snarls at the 'Stunning Women' of the Right Opposing Control of Their Own Bodies

Columnist Gail Collins, who tries to inject "humor" into her pieces, didn't even bother for her Saturday column on the recent scandal involving the abortion providers Planned Parenthood, which her headline predictably characterized as "The Siege of Planned Parenthood."

Collins is a feminist author and former editorial page editor of the Times who has praised Margaret Sanger as a birth-control savior in columns, while ignoring her racism and support for eugenics, so her stance isn't surprising. But her line of attack was a strange one: Right wing women are "stunning."

As if we didn't have enough wars, the House of Representatives has declared one against Planned Parenthood.

And is there political jealousy lurking in this strange paragraph?

"Planned Parenthood aids and abets the sexual abuse and prostitution of minors," announced Lila Rose, the beautiful anti-abortion activist who led the project. The right wing is currently chock-full of stunning women who want to end their gender's right to control their own bodies. Homely middle-aged men are just going to have to find another sex to push around.


But here's the most notable thing about this whole debate: The people trying to put Planned Parenthood out of business do not seem concerned about what would happen to the 1.85 million low-income women who get family-planning help and medical care at the clinics each year. It just doesn't come up. There's not even a vague contingency plan.

National Review's Kathryn Lopez pointed to this response by four scholars to Collins implying that conservatives have no interest in babies after they are born.