Fervent Friedman Foils "Foolish Market Worshipers Led By Dick Cheney..."

Columnist Thomas Friedman pits "...foolish market worshipers" that "insist markets will take care of everything" vs "wiser" policy makers.

Columnist Thomas "It Is So Important That the Republicans Lose" Friedman's takes on free-market "fools" in his Friday column, "Make History, Arnold!,"which dealswith his newest pet obsession of energy conservation.

"By combining renewable-energy targets and a $4 billion fund to consistently support the start-up of companies to reach those targets in a free-market way, California would set a compelling example for other states - and maybe even for Washington.

"The reason that Mr. Bush's call a year ago to end our oil addiction has been a total flop has to do with a struggle in his administration between foolish market worshipers led by Dick Cheney - who insist markets will take care of everything - and wiser, nuanced policy makers who understand that government's job is to set broad goals and standards, and then let the market reach them."