"Evolving" Cuban-Americans No Longer Unleash "Anti-Castro Invective"

Kirk Semple has more about dictator Fidel Castro stepping down from his 48-year rule of the island nation of Cuba in Wednesday's "For Cubans in U.S., Views Have Evolved."

Hopefully the headline writer isn't using the word "evolved" to connote a positive change - implying that softening on Castro is by definition a positive trend in the Cuban-American community.

Semple began:

There was a time when the resignation of Fidel Castro as president of Cuba might have been hailed here by a Cuban-American community speaking in a single full-throated roar of anti-Castro invective.

Castro ruled Cuba as a dictator. Aren't "presidents" elected? And why would criticism of such a man be portrayed in such histrionic terms as "full-throated...invective"?