Even Jon Stewart Mocks the 'Goreacle'

     In traditional “Daily Show” style, host Jon Stewart made a mockery of Al Gore’s extreme message to Congress that “the planet has a fever” during his March 22 program.

     “I see. So the planet needs Motrin?” responded Stewart.

     After he cut back to a clip of Gore explaining that when a baby has a fever you take the child to the doctor, Stewart asked if the metaphor could be carried too far and then provided the audience with a laughable example:

     “If the crib’s on fire you don’t speculate that the baby is flame retardant,” said Gore.

     “So ignoring Gore’s powerful message is like leaving a baby on fire. It’s kind of a tough image to counter. Missouri’s Kit Bond – whaddya got?” Stewart asked.

     Bond, a Republican, mentioned children of families that cannot afford to pay for heating and asked Gore if higher heating bills as the result of carbon caps would force “this little girl” to wear two coats?

     Like a Comedy Central Solomon, Stewart offered a compromise: “Let the cold child, room with the flaming baby. Then, they can just leave us alone!”

     In addition to mocking Gore’s central message, Stewart teased about the “Goreacle’s” nicknames, “movie star” image and his “fourth-mealer” eating habits.