'Entertainment Tonight' Feebly Attempts to Stir up More Palin Controversy

Bristol Palin recently filmed a public service announce for the Candie's Foundation urging teens to “pause before you play.” The PSA featured her son, Tripp, and detailed how her life would be much harder without the fame of her family. Although Levi Johnston, Tripp's father, was not involved in the PSA, “Entertainment Tonight” still interviewed him on April 8 and attempted to stir up controversy.

Samantha Harris first attempted to dramatize Johnston's appearance by introducing him as, “the young man in the new Palin controversy.”

Johnston explained to Harris that he wasn't asked if Tripp could appear in the commercial. Harris questioned, “Was Levi blindsided?”

Of course, no Johnston appearance would be complete without him discussing Sarah Palin. Harris inquired, “Do you think that Sarah pushed her to do this PSA?” Levi replied, “I'm sure. Sarah's definitely leading her down the road and telling her, you know, giving her advice what she thinks she should do. But, so, Sarah's definitely got her back. I mean, they're close.”

Right. Mother and daughter are close? Scandalous!

Harris showed Johnston parts of Bristol's PSA in which she talked about the difficulties she's faced. Johnston didn't have too much sympathy, saying he gives her enough money that she shouldn't even have to work.

Harris also announced that Levi is working on a reality show. But really he can be found all over the mainstream media giving his “insights” into the Palins. A November Culture & Media study detailed how Johnston is used in the media to help smear the Palins. He wrote an article for Vanity Fair and Entertainment Tonight and did a two part interview with him. CBS' “The Early Show” also interviewed him three times in six months.