Editor: Mag Readers Aren't Liberal, Just Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Gay, and Pro-Social Spending

Gerald Marzorati, assistant managing editor at The Times and editor of The Times Magazine, is takingquestions this week on nytimes.com. Asked about the magazine's ideology, Marzorati answered with self-congratulation about his fellow pro-immigrant, gay-marriage supporting, big-spending New Yorkers (just don't call them liberals):

Call it Urban Modern. That is, I think it reflects not a left-or-right POLITICAL ideology but a geographical one, the mentality of the place it is created: 21st Century Manhattan.

So: The Magazine reflects a place where women have professional ambition, where immigrants are welcome, and where gay men and lesbians can be themselves (if not marry, yet). The Magazine also reflects a place where being rich is not a bad thing, where fashion is not a sign of superficiality and where individualism is embraced. Here, arguing is not bad manners. Here, a chief way of loving your hometown is criticizing it: For, say, not doing enough for those (children, the poor, the homeless) who are most vulnerable....More generally, we reflect a place where change is not a threat, where doubt and complexity are more TRUE than certainty, and where most everything non-criminal is tolerated - except a bad haircut.