Dowd Dares You to Enter 'The Gargoyled Gates of Cheneyville'

News that the Cheney daughters were each launching political projects was all columnist Maureen Dowd needed to roll out her old impression of Dick Cheney as hand-rubbing torture impresario for Wednesday's "Daisy Chain of Cheneys."

Dowd opened with a pathetic attempt at poetic satire (which I will mercifully leave at the link) then lamented the dawn of another GOP political dynasty to replace the Bush one:

It's hard to believe that the Bush dynasty, which limped away in disgrace after smashing our economy and the globe, has spawned another political dynasty....Since it involves the Cheneys, it's shrouded in unnecessary secrecy. But Mary's friends say her plan is to make it Cheney cubed, bringing in her dad and big sister, Liz, when those two finish cleaning out the Augean stables of Dick Cheney's legacy for his memoir.

Dowd traipsed onward to the news that Cheney's daughter Liz, who had a high-profile among conservatives,has launched her own group, "Keep America Safe."

The blonde 43-year-old lawyer, a mother of five hailed by her fans as "a red state rock star," teamed up this week with Bill Kristol to start a new group called "Keep America Safe." Kristol, of course, was the chief proponent of the wacky notion that Dan Quayle, and later Sarah Palin, could Keep America Safe, which somewhat undermines the urgency and gravity of the group's moniker.

And Liz's dear old dad was the one who made America less safe by straining our military to the breaking point while carrying out his knuckleheaded theory of pre-emptive war.


The Web site features a daily Willie Hortonish detainee feature, profiling one of the scary swarthy prisoners at Gitmo. And it will also have all kinds of fun reading, like memos by Bush lawyers on enhanced interrogation. (Or, as it's more commonly known outside the gargoyled gates of Cheneyville, torture.)