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‘Very Good Girls’ Stars Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen Losing Virginity

Another teen sex movie. Who says creativity is dead?
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Daily Show Targets Anti-Vaxxers As ‘Left-Leaning Idiocy’

Takes cheap shot at climate skeptics, equating them with anti-vaxxers.
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Katy Perry to Cosmo: Crystals ‘Attract the Male’

Celebrity wisdom on parade.
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Media, Planned Parenthood Hype New ‘Abortion Romantic Comedy’

‘Obvious Child’ opens Friday to the delight of media, abortion advocates.
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TIME Promotes Feminist Hashtag Bashing Bible

‘War on Women’ baloney gets Biblical.
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Live Action Exposes Planned Parenthood – Will Media Note?

Pro-life advocacy group announces ‘Planned Parenthood Exposed’ campaign.
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Spider(Wo)man Not Gay Enough? Garfield Plays Transgender in Music Video

LGBTers unhappy band used superhero actor to ‘chide the religious right.’
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Lefty Comedian Tells Pro-Lifers To Go ‘F*ck Themselves’

Winstead’s tour promotes Planned Parenthood support.
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National Catholic Reporter: Climate Change is ‘#1 Pro-Life Issue’

Left-wing NCR redefines ‘pro-life.’
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