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Media ‘Applaud’ Brittany Maynard’s ‘Ethical’ Choice

Media use Maynard as a launching pad.
Media Research Center

On ‘Fox & Friends,’ 9-11 Victim’s Relative Rebukes Chris Rock for SNL Gags

Tasteless Freedom Tower jokes met with audience silence.
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Self-Inflicted Wounds: Phony ‘War on Women’ Falling Flat

Even the media can't ignore the losing battle.
Media Research Center

Planned Parenthood Encourages Voting Against Babies – with Kids

Abortion giant tries new tactic.
Media Research Center

Misery Loves Company: Jon Stewart Hosts Wendy Davis

Suggests a Texas ‘Planned Parenthood food truck;’ ’Get a Taco and a Pap Smear.’
Media Research Center

Poehler to Create New Church-Centered Sit-Com for NBC

Just what the media needs, another platform to mock religious values.
Media Research Center

Pollitt Book Gives New Talking Points to Pro-Abortion Media

Infanticide is just super – Katha says so!
Media Research Center

‘Death of Klinghoffer’ Opens to Standing Ovations

Still, protestors have had some victories.
Media Research Center

Nets Filibuster for Wendy Davis

Forty-six stories with just two minor criticisms? It’s not the media’s fault she’s losing.
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