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NPR: Time to ‘Get Lucky’ for St. Paddy’s Day!

Stupid and tasteless: NPR focuses on the other ‘lucky.’
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Media Whine About ‘Bossy’ While Entertainment Shows Use ‘Bitch’ 50 Times

In the never-ending search to find things to be offended by, part of the feminist left has determined that “bossy,” when applied to girls and women, is inappropriate. But while the speech police ...
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AP, Dallas News, WashPo, etc., Lie About Ted Cruz’ Abortion Statement

Original report slandered Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee.  
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Starnes Book: Religious Society under ‘Attack from Within’

In ‘God Less,’ Fox reporter talks God in – and out of – America.
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Director: Whatever You Think of ‘Noah’, ‘You’re F***ing Wrong’

Sweet-talking Christians in to see the “least Biblical Biblical film.
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Transgender Erotica Awards Host a ‘T.E.A. Party’

Cosmo hypes tranny porn awards.
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SNL: Bad Guys Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinics

Host Lena Dunham 'so upset' that anyone would oppose Planned Parenthood.
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SFLA President: Ignoring Abortion Like Ignoring Holocaust

Kristan Hawkins speaks at 40 Days for Life vigil.
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NARAL President: ‘Anti-Abortion Is Anti-American’

Because nothing says ‘America’ like infanticide!
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South by South Left: SXSW Honors Chelsea Clinton, Assange, Snowden, Abortionist

Annual media and tech conference draws lefty celebs, radical politics.
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