"Conservative and All-White Crowds" Cheering Out-of-Touch McCain

Elisabeth Bumiller reported Thursday from the McCain trail in Ohio and found "conservative and almost all-white crowds" greeting the Republican, in "McCain Excites Crowds With Criticism of Obama." Bumiller, perhaps the Times reporter most hostile to John McCain, led off by painting McCain as out of touch with what voters really care about:

Senator John McCain devoted most of two campaign appearances on Wednesday to lusty attacks on Senator Barack Obama and gave less attention, and offered very few specifics, to the growing economic woes of American voters.


Mr. McCain has never been comfortable talking about the economy, and in these final weeks of his nearly two-year, second-time quest of the presidency, with polls showing him losing increasing ground to Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain and his advisers have made the calculation that negative attacks will move at least some voters. Certainly those attacks pump up crowds on the campaign trail, where it is the sharp criticism of Mr. Obama, rather than Mr. McCain's once-over comments on the economy, that draw the biggest, loudest response from the conservative and almost all-white crowds that come to see Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin.

As the crowd booed angrily at each mention of Mr. Obama's name, Mr. McCain threw himself more vigorously into his speech.


At the same event, the Lehigh County Republican chairman, Bill Platt, twice referred to Mr. Obama from stage as "Barack Hussein Obama." Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin had not yet arrived at the arena when Mr. Platt made his remarks, and the McCain-Palin campaign later disavowed them as "inappropriate rhetoric."

Will Bumiller also criticize her own paper for calling Obama by hisfull name,as it did three times onits front page the day after Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention?