'Close to Zero' Chance Hillary Runs Again for President

     Is there still a possibility that if Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama loses this year’s election, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., would make another run for the White House? According to Clinton, the chances are “close-to-zero.”

     Clinton appeared on “Fox & Friends” Oct. 14 and told co-host Gretchen Carlson her chances of being the next Senate Majority Leader or a Supreme Court Justice nominee were “zero.” But Clinton dropped a bigger bombshell when she all but ruled out another presidential bid.

     “Probably close to zero,” Clinton said. “You know, I am someone who – there’s an old saying, bloom where you’re planted, and I’ve always loved that. When you walk into, you know, our house in Chappaqua, there’s a painted wooden sign which says, ‘Bloom where you’re planted.’ I love being in the Senate.”

     Clinton said she ran because she was worried about the direction of the United States under the leadership of President George W. Bush and that was her original inspiration for running for president.

     “I ran for president because I thought we had to make drastic changes given what I viewed as the damage that the Bush administration had done here at home and abroad,” Clinton said. “Now I’m going to work very hard with President Obama to repair that damage.”

     Clinton remained supportive of Obama’s campaign and criticized McCain for his views on the economy, health care and Social Security.

     “I think that, you know, Sen. McCain’s campaign has, you know, really kind of lost its way,” Clinton said. “It doesn’t have the kind of approach to the economy that Americans can understand and buy into and on so many other issues, from, you know, the way their health care plan would undermine the employer-based health care system to privatizing Social Security. They’re just so out of touch with what people are worried about.”

     At the height of Clinton’s bid for the presidency, she proposed to stop funding the war in Iraq to pay for forecasted Social Security shortfalls, claiming that thanks to “Bush and an irresponsible Republican Congress, the life of the Social Security trust fund has been cut to 2041.”