"Centrist" Lieberman, but "Anti-War" (Not Liberal) Lamont

There's more typical Times labeling bias in Thursday's story by reporter Raymond (Hillary's-a-centrist) Hernandez, "Center Is No Longer So Safe For Connecticut Republican," on the struggles of Rep. Chris Shays.

"Mr. Shays has also closely aligned himself with Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, a centrist Democrat whose support for the war led him to lose his party's nomination in the Connecticut primary this August. Ned Lamont, an antiwar Democrat, defeated Mr. Lieberman, who is running as an independent and is ahead in most polls."

Lieberman does indeed support the war, but in most respects he's a liberal Democrat, as his rating of 17 (out of a 100)by the American Conservative Union shows. By contrast, Hernandez simply calls Ned Lamont, who is pro-affirmative action, pro-abortion, against school vouchers, and has sympathy for gay marriage, as "antiwar," not "liberal."