Centering Mrs. Clinton for 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton won yesterday's New York Senate Democratic primary in a landslide, running up an 83%-17% margin over anti-war activist Jonathan Tasini.

Hillary-beat reporter Anne Kornblut uses the opportunity to do some more of the Times' usual centering of Sen. Clinton in Wednesday's Metro story, "A Renominated Clinton Forgoes the Victory Dance."

"But this is a year in which many mainstream Democrats, including Mrs. Clinton, have come under fire from liberals for supporting the war in Iraq. And just last month, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, a staunch supporter of the war, was defeated by an antiwar challenger in the Democratic primary. So for Mrs. Clinton, celebrating her victory on Tuesday over her antiwar opponent, Jonathan Tasini, might have seemed a bit like gloating to her party's left wing. She returned to Washington instead."

Since when is Hillary Clinton not a liberal? Despite the Times' best efforts to make her out as a centrist, her voting record clearly places her on the left end of the spectrum.