Celebrating Ann Richards' Personal Attack on George Bush Sr.

Rick Lyman's obituary for former Texas Democratic Gov. Ann Richards includes her infamous insult of then-vice president George H.W. Bush.

"'Poor George, he can't help it,' Ms. Richards said at the Democratic convention in 1988, speaking about the current president's father, former President George Bush. 'He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.'

"Her acidic, plain-spoken keynote address was one of the year's political highlights and catapulted the one-term Texas governor into a national figure."

Given the Times' history of oversensitivity to Republican political rhetoric against Democrats, isn't it a bit of double standard to celebrate Richards' personal cheap shot? (MRC's Rich Noyes has more on the media's double standard.)

Then again, Lyman may just be a personal fan of insults aimed at Republican vice presidents, given that in a Sept. 2, 2004 article from the Republican National Convention in New York City he said of VP Dick Cheney: "Critics say Mr. Cheney, on the stump, tends to resemble a rock more than a rock star."