Carl Hulse Has No Patience for Conservatives Pushing ACORN Scandal

In his Thursday afternoon posting, congressional reporter Carl Hulse sounded rather impatient with a Republican senator's move to ban the left-wing housing group ACORN from receiving any Interior Department spending - "Acorn in Senate's Sights Again."

As the old saying might go these days, mighty political issues from Acorn grow.

Not satisfied with overwhelmingly winning a Senate ban on housing and transportation dollars going to the community group that is in the sights of conservatives, Senator Michael Johanns, Republican of Nebraska, on Thursday offered the same ban to a measure covering spending by the Interior Department.

The problem, according to Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat in charge of the bill, was that there is nothing in the measure that sends money to Acorn....Mr. Johanns, recognizing a political winner when he sees one, said he would want a roll call vote regardless. In fact, he insisted on it.

Would Hulse get testy at a vote by Congress to accomplish something of even less import, such as rebuking Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting during Obama's address to Congress? Not even close. In fact, Hulse was quite concerned about the "disrespect" Wilson showed.

The Times has run a grand total of one (slanted) story from one ofits own reporters in its print edition on the ACORN scandal. Itbegan with undercover videos taken by conservative activists posing as a pimp and a hooker being given advice on mattersinvolving tax evasion and child prostitutionby ACORN. The paper's reasoning? Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, who placed the issue in public view, is "not a newsman."