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MSNBC Suggests Connection Between Blizzard and Climate Change on Five Separate Shows

Cable network guests and hosts bring up climate change in snowstorm reports, although some scientists dispute connection. 
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WaPo: Liberal Anti-Vaxxers ‘Ruining Things for Everyone’

Parents who say vaccines are ‘harmful’ among ‘most liberal’ Americans.
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Leader of Soros-Founded INET: Rich are Ready to Flee in Case of Uprising

Soros gave $100 million to INET, used it to host a conference to remake the global economy.
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Like Media, White House Misleads on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Promotional video for ‘wilderness’ plan mostly shows mountains, flowers and animals, even though drilling wouldn’t happen there. 
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At Davos, Soros-funded Group’s President Says Look to Bretton Woods for Economic Advice

New America Foundation foundation promotes initiative with same name as earlier Soros conference
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Claims of 1,800+ Deaths from Binge Drinking Is Wrong, WaPo Fact Checker Says

Chronicle of Higher Education, PBS recently reported alcohol stat Post Fact Checker gives three Pinocchios.
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CNBC Rebuts Obama’s SOTU Statement on Taxes

Co-anchor Jim Cramer calls Obama’s tax comments ‘out of sync with what’s really happening’ because of Obamacare.
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Media Hype Davos Climate Change Focus as 1,700 Private Jets Fly In

Hypocrisy of flying to climate change conference in private jets is lost on the media.
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All Three Networks Fall for ‘Meaningless’ ‘Hottest Year’ Claims

Scientists accuse NASA/NOAA of misleading public, show temperature differences within margin of error.
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CBS Defends IRS Against Republican ‘Payback’ Cuts to IRS Budget

IRS promises cuts will cause poor customer service, inability to track Obamacare money.
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