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USA Today Echoes Occupy Wall Street

Paper uses high CEO wages to argue workers aren’t getting paid enough.
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Kudlow Blames Weak Recovery on ObamaCare’s ‘Incredible Uncertainty’

CNBC economist dismisses predictions of 2014 ‘surge.’
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Univision Partners with Liberal UN Foundation on Climate Issues

Hispanic media company leans left with ‘groundbreaking initiative’ to increase awareness.
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Santelli: On Obamacare, Climate Change, Media too Quick to Accept Facts are ‘Settled’

‘I don’t care how many people visit a website,’ CNBC contributor says.
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Soros' Son Says, ‘Get Money Out of Politics’ - But Helped Give $58M to Lefty Causes in 2011

Politico profiles Jonathan Soros campaign, ignores involvement in Open Society Foundation.
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HuffPo: Humans Deserve to be Squashed By Aliens

Liberal website recycles 2 year old video, ‘Everything Wrong With Humanity.’
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CBS Hypes Misleading Government Alcohol Study

Taxpayers pay for unnecessary study on alcohol-related fatalities.
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Media Ignore César Chávez’s Opposition to Illegal Immigration, Racial Advocacy

Despite Chávez’s actual views, liberal media, then and now, use his legacy to promote their agenda.
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17 News Companies Support FOIA Lawsuit Against Michael Mann

AP, Reuters, Washington Post and others become unlikely allies in lawsuit over access to climate scientist’s emails.
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When it Comes to Kochs, WaPo Picks Activism Over Accuracy

Post writers want to ‘inflame public debate,’ despite faulty facts.
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