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Flashback: Video Mocks Michael Mann in ‘Hide the Decline’

Leaked ClimateGate emails prompt Minnesotans for Global Warming to ridicule prominent global warming alarmist.
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Mark Cuban: Net Neutrality Regulations Parallel ‘Ayn Rand Books’

Businessman tweets that Internet is ‘working,’ government shouldn’t interfere.
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Chevron Attacker Still the Hero in Rolling Stone Hit Job

Liberal ‘journalist’ glosses over ghostwritten scientific reports, court rulings, RICO case and bribery to blast oil company.
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Colbert: Climate Deniers Don’t Know ‘What the F***’ They’re Talking About

Comedian says Sen. Inhofe and other skeptics ‘completely lack any understanding of science’.
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BBC Gives False Impression ‘Affluent West’ is Unhappy

British news network emphasizes midlife ‘dip,’ even though Westerners are world’s happiest people.
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Former Newsweek Editor: Congressional GOP Not 'Rational Human Beings’ or ‘Patriotic Americans’

Eco-blogger says Republicans taking Senate will ‘cause climate mayhem.’
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Conservative Wave Swamps Climate Change: Steyer Wasted $22 Million

73 percent of his climate funding went to failed candidates.
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Alarmist Film Demands 100% Renewable Power

Short film ignores economics of renewables as celebrity environmentalist continues his green crusade.
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NYT: Conservatives Deny ‘Objective Reality’ on Economy during Midterms

Conservative ‘mucking up’ facts, won’t vote for liberals because of partisanship.
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“The Simpsons” Targets Evil Fracking

Satirical show links capitalism and gas drilling to water pollution and earthquakes.
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