Behar's Hurt Feelings: Complains Palin's Anti-Elitism Tact is 'Divisive'

HLN host and “The View” panelist Joy Behar doesn't care for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and it's obvious from her language.

Just a day after snidely attacking former Miss California Carrie Prejean, Behar dedicated the top of her Nov. 17 program to go after Palin and insult as being “incoherent.”

”It wasn't just one interview. It was a series of incoherent sentences and lack of any kind of – it was, I'm sorry, Ann,” Behar said to her guest, conservative columnist Ann Coulter. “She'd never – her syntax alone would drive you crazy.”

Coulter noted Behar was toeing the media line and refuted the suggestion that Palin was on a pre-presidential campaign book tour.

”You're doing an excellent job summarizing the mainstream media position. I disagree with both of you on almost everything you've set out,” Coulter said. “I think it totally makes sense and she explained it beautifully why she left the governorship. She has been doing a lot, since leaving the governorship, she wrote this book. She's not going to job centers because this is a book tour, it's not a campaign for president and by the way it actually is an unusual and a very populist book tour.”

Remarkably, Joy Behar – a show host with a documented track record of making insulting and over-the-top statements about (mostly right-of-center) things she disagrees with – complained of Palin's “divisive” inclination to identify with Americans outside the the media sphere Behar associates herself with.

“I think she's divisive a lot of times when she talks about the real America,” Behar said. “She separates the American people from each other. And you know, when we're in wars; you're going to need every American to fight these wars not just the real America. I find that very divisive of her. Do you?”

Later Behar declared Palin couldn't claim to be an “ordinary American” because she was too charismatic. Coulter explained to Behar she couldn't have it both way and noted President Barack Obama's divisiveness was often overlooked by Palin's critics.

“No, I think it's an oxymoron to say she is a prima donna and a corn pone, that's an oxymoron,” Coulter said. “To say that she is – is charismatic but also an ordinary Americans, I think ordinary Americans are pretty cool cats and so is she. They relate to her when the media attacks her. I think a lot of Americans feel like wow, is that what they think of me? And as long as we're talking about the divisiveness of her book; look, the McCain campaign was sniping at her, leaking a lot to the press during that campaign. So ok fine, this is payback time, I'm really looking forward to it. In Obama autobiography he attacks me by name and I had never mentioned him before. So you know suddenly we're worried about divisiveness when it's a popular conservative female politician.”