Behar Politicizes Rush Limbaugh Wedding to Make Gay Marriage Plea

It's probably no surprise, but conservative talker Rush Limbaugh isn't going to get a break from the liberal cheap shot artists on cable television in the wake of the news he will be getting married to Kathryn Rogers on July 4, 2010.

On HLN's Dec. 17 broadcast of “The Joy Behar Show,” a panel including host Joy Behar, comedian Marina Franklin and satirist Harry Shearer took on one of the most important issues of the day – Limbaugh's marriage.

“All right – let's move on to Rush Limbaugh, ok,” Behar said. “Reportedly he set the date for his fourth wedding, July 4th – how patriotic of him. Isn't he patriotic? And the lucky lady is named Kate Rogers. Isn't that – so are you happy for him? I guess anyone can find love, right?”

Franklin admitted she admired Limbaugh for his wallet.

“You know. So you end up looking at someone like Rush Limbaugh with a wallet and go, 'You know what? Not so bad,'” Franklin said.

But Behar used the news to score political points. The HLN host, a proponent of gay marriage, suggested it was somehow relevant by saying it was “interesting” Limbaugh was opposed to same-sex marriage, but also on the way to entering into his fourth marriage.

“It's interesting that this is his fourth marriage – will be his 4th marriage – and yet they talk about he's like against gay marriage,” Behar said. “I mean, set the tone.”

And Shearer's sentiments reflected those of Behar's.

“I think as with gay people, so with Rush – why should they be denied the burden of marriage?” Shearer said.

“Exactly – my sentiments exactly,” Behar said.

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