The Apostasy of Paul Krugman

Respected economist turned left-wing hack columnist Paul Krugman has lost faith in "The One" for his failure to make a full-throated defense of his health care "reform." The title of his Wednesday blog post at "He Wasn't the One We've Been Waiting For."

Health care reform - which is crucial for millions of Americans - hangs in the balance. Progressives are desperately in need of leadership; more specifically, House Democrats need to be told to pass the Senate bill, which isn't what they wanted but is vastly better than nothing.

Krugman was anguished that the response from what he sarcastically called "the great progressive hope, the man who was offering hope and change" failed to inspire, and concluded:

But I have to say, I'm pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama, who seems determined to confirm every doubt I and others ever had about whether he was ready to fight for what his supporters believed in.