Apocalypse McCain? Victory Would Bring "All Four Horsemen"

Apocalypse McCain? A McCain win would bring on "all four horsemen" of the apocalypse, says Vietnam author Robert Stone, who penned the cover review for the Times Sunday Book Review. Stone reviewed "The Forever War," a compendium of Times reporter Dexter Filkins' war coverage from Iraq and the Middle East.

The review itself is meandering but otherwise unobjectionable, but check what Stone says in the "Up Front" section:

As for the 2008 presidential election, Stone had this to say:

"If, in this campaign, illusion triumphs over what we must believe is reality, we will fail as a nation. There is, after all, a point of no return. If McCain wins, history is here big time, scythe, sackcloth and all four horsemen."