Alleged Humor Writer Gets Bitter: 'John Boehner Cries. He's Not the Only One'

Some unbecoming post-election bitterness is taking hold in hip liberal enclaves, including the Times' attempt at hipness, the Thursday Styles section. Henry Alford's weekly "Crib Sheet," subtitled "The 10 Things To Talk About This Weekend," is usually too glib and lightweight to bother criticizing, but this week almost half his entries had an anti-Republican punch line.

2. John Boehner cries. He's not the only one. (The print edition softens the joke: "John Boehner cries. His shirt is stained orange.")

3. Katrina Is Just Another Woman's Name: George W. Bush says the all-time low of his presidency was Kanye West saying, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."


7. Pranksters hijack Sarah Palin's and Glenn Beck's Facebook pages. The giveaway was all the correct grammar.


9. The spectral, doomy Mary Matalin should guest-star on "Glee" as Sue Sylvester's Endora.