Adoring Elizabeth Edwards

Political spouse Elizabeth Edwards didn't exactly get the dismissive Jeri Thompson-"trophy wife" treatment from Times reporter Christine Hauser while on the campaign trail in Iowa. In a long, adoring profile, "Almost Stealing the Show But Selling Her Husband," Hauser marveled:

"At a recent campaign stop in Iowa, John Edwards spoke about the need for a political solution in Iraq and a withdrawal of American troops. Then he turned the microphone over to his wife, who was sitting in the audience.

"'Elizabeth wants to say something,' Mr. Edwards said, at the stop in Washington, Iowa.

"In a telling moment for the role she plays in his campaign, Elizabeth Edwards stood and gave an impassioned narrative that went on for two minutes, nearly as long as her husband's, about her military veteran father, how the United States helped Iraqis with elections, and about the sacrifices made by American soldiers. The country needs a 'true leader' who can say, Now is the time to leave, she said."


"At events, she speaks up when she has something to add. On the sidelines, women approach her and describe her as a national voice and an inspiration.

"And sometimes she is the main attraction: Speaking at a school in Iowa recently, Mr. Edwards noticed some members of the audience watching his wife, who was standing at the end of a row of chairs, cuddling a restless infant. 'Would y'all stop looking at her?' he said with a smile."

The text box concluded:

"A campaigner so skilled, some wonder who's running."